3 – 120 STRIPS – TOTAL 12 FRAMES (25 PACK)


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Product Description

  • Holds fifteen frames of 6×4.5 cm, twelve frames of 6×6 cm or nine frames of 6×7 cm of 120 film
  • Contact prints on 8″x10″ paper
  • Exclusive thin backing coupled with high clarity allows you to make quality contact sheets without removing or handling negatives
  • Strong continuous seams prevent negative hang up.
  • Top sheet is 3 mil and bottom sheet is 1.8 mil
  • Archival quality polyethylene – NO PVC – safe for long term storage
  • PAT passed
  • 25 pages per package
  • Dimensions: 811?16“W x 101?2“H

    • For writing on preservers use the recommended Permapaque Markers.
    • Remember to use gloves when handling negatives
    • To remove dust use Falcon Dust-Off compressed air or Static Wisk
    • To safely clean negatives use archival PEC-12 with PEC PADS