670 VCCE Dichroic Auto Variable Contrast


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Product Description

Dichroic Enlarger for All Popular B&W Variable Contrast PapersThe specially designed VCCE system incorporates a unique, dual-range design that provides two separate filtration channels covering all popular variable contrast papers. As filtration is changed, the enlarger automatically introduces the correct amount of neutral density to maintain constant exposure throughout the range of paper grades. This is achieved with state-of-the-art, dichroic cut-off filters which selectively pass certain wavelengths while rejecting others, resulting in a spectrally pure beam of light. The 670VCCE features the same chassis and baseboard as the popular Saunders/LPL 670MXL dichroic and 670CXL triple-condenser enlargers. What's more, the 670VCCE can be purchased as a complete enlarger or lamphouse only, for use on an existing 670-series chassis. Lamphouses are completely interchangeable, without tools. Simply Dial In Filtration – The Enlarger Compensates to Maintain Constant Exposure!The heart of the 670VCCE is its revolutionary lamphouse. Two independent filtration channels allow use of all popular contrast papers: Channel “1” is calibrated for Kodak Polycontrast III, Kodak Polymax and other equivalent variable contrast papers.Channel “2” is calibrated for use with Ilford Multigrade III RC papers, or compatible papers such as Agfa and Oriental.A convenient slide-switch makes channel selection quick and easy. Once the appropriate channel has been chosen, you simply dial in the desired paper grade. Paper grade readout displays are illuminated, stepless and marked in half-grade increments: Channel one displays filtration settings from -1 to 6, Channel Two displays filtration settings from 00 to 5. The unused channel readout is automatically masked to prevent the possibility of error.


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